Covid-19 Accommodations

Read the guidelines below to help us keep our farm as safe as possible. We ask that you be patient as we navigate some new ways of serving you while continuing to be a place of hospitality. 


We will have hand sanitizer and Clorox Wipes available for you. 

Picking Rows

Rows will be marked. Please pick in your designated row. No Row Hopping!!!

Checking In

To accommodate social distancing, please report to the blue shed for buckets and picking instructions. 


We recommend a mask while you check-in and check-out.


We will have buckets for you to pick in. All u-pick buckets will be washed between uses. 


You may pick in your own containers. 

Checking Out

To accommodate social distancing, please report to the red shed to pay, transfer berries, and turn in buckets.